NEXT MEETING IS IN DECEMBER 2018  -   Date not set yet. 

Parish Pastoral Council Membership & Purpose

(updated September 14, 2017) 

The Parish Pastoral Council

Purpose: Pastoral Council members are challenged to continual renewal through prayer, study, listening and dialog. In developing priorities and directions for the parish, the Council is the means for giving everyone a voice in parish life. In fostering communication and collaboration, the Council encourages and initiates dialog among parish leaders and members and also, reminds them of the concerns of the larger church. The council is also a vehicle to inform the Bishop of needs and directions that are common to our parish. Matters of fiscal stewardship such as financial, budgets, building and grounds are the concern of the Parish Finance Council.


The Parish Pastoral Council is scheduled to meet the fourth Monday of December, March, June and September at 6 pm at SS Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church.  Meeting times and locations may change so please call one of the members if you have anything you wish to have discussed or need to attend.



Spiritual Development: Mindy Cutlip (269)795-4713  

    • Liturgical Ministers (Musicians, Servers, Ushers, Lectors, Eucharistic
    • Seasonal Planning (Lent, Advent, Easter)
    • Eucharistic Day
    • Devotions (Mary, First Day, Terrorist Attack)
    • New Parishioners
    • RCIA
    • Evangelization

Director of Religious Education: Jan Kuhtic (269) 792-9587

    • CCD, including sacrament preparation
    • Adult Ed
    • Youth

Activities: Mike & Denise Peiffer (517) 712-4083

    • Group Activities, such as Summer Picnic and Christmas Brunch
    • Cooperates with Diocesan celebrations

Christian Service:  OPEN POSITION - Please see Fr. Alphonse if interested.

    • Homebound, sick
    • Christian Neighbors
    • Prayer Chain
    • Adopt-A-Highway
    • Senior Ministry
    • Right to Life
    • Altar Society
    • Persons with disabilities

At Large Representatives:

              Theresa Paiz (616) 291-2457

              Phil Honeysett (269) 795-7049

              Andrew Meads (269) 870-0017

    • Communication
    • Town Hall Meetings (parish assemblies)
    • Newsletter / Information Page
    • Public Relations
    • Diocesan event representative